Jade – arrangement with cymbidium and calla lilies


The Jade Tropical Flower arrangement is carefully designed to create a balance of colors, shapes, and sizes. The arrangement is displayed in a stylish hat box and adds a decorative element to any space. This arrangement is perfect for adding a touch of the exotic to any setting. Whether it’s for a tropical-themed event, a beach wedding, or simply to bring a taste of paradise into your home, the Jade Tropical Flower arrangement is sure to captivate and delight with its beautiful and striking display of tropical blooms.

Category: Callas, Cymbidium, Hat Boxes, Orchid plant

The arrangement with Cymbidium orchids and Calla lilies is a stunning and elegant display of contrasting flowers. The Cymbidium orchids are large, showy blooms with multiple petals that come in a variety of colors, including pink, yellow, green. The Calla lilies, on the other hand, are long and slender with a trumpet-shaped bloom in shades of pink, orange and purple. When arranged together, the Cymbidium orchids provide a bold and vibrant backdrop that allows the Calla lilies to stand out and steal the show. The two flowers complement each other perfectly, creating a beautiful and cohesive floral display.

Please note: we are keeping the privilege to substitute some flowers depends on the season and availability.

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