Elegance Of France – Hat Box With Red French Roses and Eucalyptus


Give yourself or your loved ones a luxurious gift with our Hat Box “Elegance of France”. This exquisite set includes luxurious red French roses and aromatic eucalyptus. Each rose is carefully selected to create a perfect composition filled with passion and sophistication.

The Hat Box “Elegance of France” is perfect for any celebration or as a gift without occasion. We guarantee the freshness and quality of each composition. Delivery within the city during the day.

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Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of French romance with our Hat Box “Elegance of France”. This luxurious gift combines majestic red French roses and fresh aromatic eucalyptus, creating a unique composition that captures the heart at first sight.

Red French Roses are symbols of eternal love and passion, these roses are renowned for their rich beauty and delicate aroma. Each petal of rose is hand- inverted to ensure maximum opening of bloom.
Aromatic Eucalyptus adds a touch of freshness and lightness, creating a harmonious contrast with the luxury of roses. Its refreshing aroma fills the composition with the breath of nature.

This Exclusive Hat Box at Le Soul Fleur – The stylish and elegant design of the box makes it not only a beautiful gift but also a luxurious decorative element.
Our florist crafted this composition, inspired by French charm and sophistication what makes perfect combination of flowers and greenery.



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