When you need to add some happiness and beauty in your home, there is the best way to do it with fresh sunflowers!

The brightest blooms are symbols of happiness, longevity, and strength—qualities that resonate with people of all ages.

This flower can brighten up any space, whether they are placed in a vase by themselves or used as part of a larger arrangement.

Here are some tips from Le Soul Fleur on how you can do to keep your sunflowers fresh and alive for longer.

  1. If you want your sunflowers to last as long as possible, it’s important to trim the stems regularly, do it at an angle and use sharp pruners, it will help flower to absorb water easily.

  2. Remove all the leaves.

  3. Sunflowers are a warm temperature-loving plant.

  4. Fill the vase with warm water and add food for flowers. If you are giving sunflowers plenty of water it can help sunflower grow tall and strong, it should be at least 4-6cm of water in the vase.

  5. Change water once in two days.

  6. Sunflowers love the sun and will always turn their blooms to the sunny side in your garden 😊

  7. BUT!!!! First and foremost, for the fresh cut blooms make sure that the area is out of direct sunlight or cool drafts. This is important because sunflowers are very susceptible to heat (especially A/C) damage and can quickly wilt in warm temperatures. A cut sunflower in a vase doesn’t need sunlight!!!!!

If you follow these easy steps, it will keep the cut sunflowers fresh and stay alive in the vase for as long as possible.

If you need an arrangement with Sunflowers, our professional florist will be happy to choose a right one for your occasion.

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