Most romantic and mysterious, symbol of perfection, grace and elegance – ranunculus flowers are always popular, some people even called them roses, some – peonies. Due to their huge, rounded appearance that features ruffled petals and wonderfully describe the beauty that every girl possesses.

If you need to add some charm and special character to your arrangement, these flowers are the perfect choice. Any bouquet will have a special look with ranunculus. It’s the most significant flowers that are associated with too many stories and relevance to their tradition and culture.

The colors of ranunculus can be from light and delicate to a hot and energetic.

Pink – usually represents passion and femininity, a perfect flower to give any woman in the world, also can be send to your mother on Mother’s Day.

Red – unlimited expression of love, passion, and romance. Strong meanings and feelings of true love.

Orange – usually shows positivity, charm, and happiness. Perfect color if you would like to spread brightness all around your room when decorated in the vase.

Purple – associated with royalty, respect, strength, and honor.


The flowers can stay fresh and perky for 5-7 days after being cut.

  1. Remove all the leaves from the bottom of the stems.
  2. Cut about one inch of the bottom on a diagonal to make it easier for the flower to draw up water.
  3. They need a pep talk, give them floral food or put a small amount of sugar in the water to liven them up.
  4. Make sure to change their water every other day!
  5. In order to use them in a bouquet, you may need to use wire to straighten them the hollow curly stems.

To place an order for arrangement with ranunculus, please contact us 305-793-3736.

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