Timeless Elegance – Preserved Roses in Vase


Experience the enduring charm of preserved roses with our stunning arrangement, “Timeless Elegance.” These roses, meticulously preserved to retain their natural beauty, exude a sense of sophistication and refinement. Housed in an elegant vase, this arrangement serves as a timeless centerpiece, adding a touch of luxury to any environment. Perfect for gifting or as a statement piece in your own home, “Timeless Elegance” offers a lasting reminder of love, beauty, and elegance.

Category: Not used, Preserved Roses

Indulge in the everlasting beauty of preserved roses with our exquisite arrangement, “Timeless Elegance.” Each meticulously chosen rose is expertly preserved to maintain its natural charm and allure for years to come. Set within a stylish vase, these roses exude an aura of sophistication and grace, making them a captivating centerpiece for any space. Whether adorning your home or office, or gifted to a loved one, this arrangement embodies timeless elegance that transcends fleeting moments, ensuring enduring admiration and appreciation.

This roses will last for a year. 

  1. Do NOT water the roses! Using any water will immediately damage the roses.
  1. Do NOT expose the roses to direct sunlight. UV-light may cause color bleaching.
  1. If dust collects, gently clean with a soft duster or a stream of dry air.
  1. Keep the arrangement in a room temperature, humidity free environment.
  1. Do NOT place anything on top of the roses as they are very delicate.
  1. Be mindful when carrying the arrangement as it is very delicate.


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