Pink Eternal Roses


Perfect keepsake gift with 4 preserved roses that can be displayed on a nightstand, vanity or any space where color and scent is needed. 

Category: Hat Boxes, Roses

Four high quality preserved roses in a wood square box. The box contains four eternal roses in the color of your choice (by request).  

  1. Do NOT water the roses! Using any water will immediately damage the roses.
  1. Do NOT expose the roses to direct sunlight. UV-light may cause color bleaching.
  1. If dust collects, gently clean with a soft duster or a stream of dry air.
  1. Keep the arrangement in a room temperature, humidity free environment.
  1. Do NOT place anything on top of the roses as they are very delicate.
  1. Be mindful when carrying the arrangement as it is very delicate.


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