This flower originally was an American wildflower, native to the West Indies and the northern parts of South America.

But, only in Japan these wild blooms were cultivated to be gorgeous, and few verities become growing.

One of the kinds, gorgeous and gentle, these elegant rose-like flowers look amazing in their brunchy steams. What’s more, you’ll find both single-flowered and some double-flowered Lisianthus blooms. The single-flower resembles poppies or tulips while the double-flowered resemble roses or peonies.

There are unusual color varieties, including rich blue, lavender, and magic chic pale green….

This flower is much hardier than roses and can add naturally rustic look to wedding design flowers.

Lisianthus flowers are currently being grown and sold nationwide. The reputation of the flower is perfect, easy-care, long-lasting period, colors, and much more….

The most common meaning of Lisianthus is something we can use a dose of gratitude, appreciation. This can be acknowledgment for services someone has rendered, for someone who has helped you in some way, or for a friend just being their awesome self. It’s the floral equivalent of saying. “I appreciate you!”

Although it is a stylish flower, contemporary to modern floristry, it represents traditional values. According to many old stories and myths, it relates to those who respect old-fashioned morals. Perhaps this also adds to its romantic charm for any arrangement.

Buying tip: Buy Lisianthus stems that have 1 – 3 blooms open. Do not buy Lisianthus which have leaf yellowing.

Care of fresh cut steams:

  1. Remove foliage below solution level.
  2. Recut stems.
  3. Add clean water to the vase.
  4. After cutting, add food for the flowers to the water.
  5. Put steams in the vase and enjoy this beauty.

If you are looking for beautiful arrangement with Lisianthus, you can contact our florist 305-793-3736.

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