Europe Cup 2022

27 August, Grand final of the europe cup 2022 was held in Katowice in Poland. It was a wonderful event for florists all over the world. The  best florists showed their work and all the works were amazing. In the finals it turned out there were 6 winners. Hanneke Frankema from the Netherlands, Stefan van Berlo (Belgium), Michael Liebrich (Germany), Nicu Bocancea (Romania), Fabizio Panone (Italy), and Gabor Nagy (Hungary). Watching how all the professional florists worked live on stage wasn’t possible for all, but we were able to watch it live on Instagram. I adore the work of Nicu Bocancea but sadly, he didn’t qualify to the top three finals. In this championship Hanneke Frankema won, beautiful, talented, and the only woman in this competition.

Hanneke Frankema Is European Champion 2022

Like all competitors also Hanneke Frankema came to Katowice extremely well prepared. Her exquisite copper-colored structures seemed to be the perfect start for the beautiful Europa Cup 2022. Max Van de Sluis, her coach, and assistant made sure that through research, skills, cleanliness, and experience he helped her rise herself high enough to be the best overall and become Champion. 

TASK 1: Table Decoration

The theme for table decoration was “Every Life Has a Soundtrack”. The work had to be inspired by a song from the designer’s country. And this table decoration should serve on the occasion of a school reunion after many years. 6 People should be able to sit at the table. The work could not exceed the following dimensions: 200 cm wide by 200 cm long by 200 cm high. The plant material will be provided by the organizer. And this task was sponsored by OZ Export.

TASK 2: Installation with the Use of Black Smithers-Oasis® Floral Foam 

The Theme was “Dance in the Rain”. The Work should show the beauty of dance and movement. A minimum of 50% of the living material had to be place in Oasis®. A minimum of 50% of the ordered floral foam had to be used. The work cannot exceed the following dimensions: 300 cm wide by 200 cm long by 250 cm high. The sponsor of this task was Smithers-Oasis®.

TASK 3: Bouquet

The theme was “Life is much like a song”. The work had to be inspired by the song “Espana Forever” by Maanam. One person should be able to carry the bouquet and the competitor has to make sure the vase is a part of the design. It will be judged as a whole. Materials were provided by the competitor. Hanneke had several big sponsors: MarginparDecorum Flowers and Plants, Fleurametz, Ansu VandaVreugdenhil bulbs and plantsMy Peony Society, Alliam Flowers, Radical Wonders, Smithers Oasis Floral Products Benelux, Porta Nova Roses, Dillewijn Zwapak, Anthura, Cornbak, Corsaplant, Coloriginz, Dekker Chrysanten, Lugt Lisianthus, Montana Lisianthus, Hillplant Sleeuwijk, Willem Lautenbag, Floriwaynl, Waterdrinker AalsmeerZentoo Chrysanthemums, VBW,  @hr.thewireman, Thom Slootman, Ecriliving,…

TASK 4: Body Decoration

The theme was “Dancing Queen”. A decoration of the dancer’s body inspired by the recording received by the contestants. The competitor could use the bodysuit at work as a base for arrangement but the work cannot restrict the dancer’s movements. All materials are provided by the competitor.

TASK 5: A Musical Surprise

For the surprise task all competitors received all the details of the task directly before the competition. All Orchiids had to be used and the work should serve for a big concert hall with a huge piano. Sponsor here was JMP Flowers.

After these five tasks, Hanneke was part of the final six on stage for the Grand Finale. 

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