5 tips for lilies

  1. Buy lilies in bud stage or when they are just starting to crack and show color

This is going to ensure that you can enjoy these flowers for a longer time. They open from the bottom to the top so each bloom will open individually so just be patient.

  1. There is few different types of lilies: Asiatic or Oriental. Asiatic lilies have almost no fragrance. Oriental lilies are a little bit larger and usually have a few more blooms and they have a very strong fragrance; some people either love or hate them.
  2. Fresh clean water is always a way to make they last more longer. Do not forget to trim the steams. Flower food is a bonus ). Remove any lower foliage that’s going to be below that water line. It will keep your vase with water clean, and again, your flowers lasting longer.

Give each one steam a fresh cut before placing them in the water.

  1. When lilies start to open you are going to see the pollen inside, you can remove the pollen and the earlier you do it will be easier because if wait too long it gets really powdery and it will stain on your hands, tablecloth and wherever is lads.
  2. Keeps lilies away from your pets and especially your cats. Lilies are poisonous and can be toxic to them even a small amount of pollen.

White lilies

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